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Jam Catering: Wedding Caterers and Outside Catering in Ukraine
Archive of events

10.11.2011 - Buffet for 50 people to Support Eco-Market
8.11.2011 - Festive reception in the House of Teacher
28.10.2011 - Dinner for 50 people at the National Academy of Medicine

The treatment

- Weddings
- Professional holiday
- Children's parties
- Graduation parties
- Birthdays / anniversaries
- Private parties
- Corporate events
- Exhibitions / festivals
- Presentation / fashion show
- Conferences / seminars
- Concerts / Benefit
- Sporting events

Questions & answers

How to arrange a buffet table or a banquet at home?
How many dishes served with banquet table?
How to properly make the menu a banquet?
How to calculate the amount of alcohol?
How bright and inexpensively decorate a banquet hall?

Welcome to the website of Jam Catering!
We are pleased to offer our services to organize and conduct activities with the provision of catering services: banquets and receptions, corporate parties and business parties, weddings and anniversaries, private parties and children's birthdays, holidays organization "turnkey".
Jam Catering company since 2009, provides services in field of event plaaning and deservedly ranks among the best catering companies in Ukraine.
For more than five years, our clients receive all the best and perfect. All this time the influential Ukrainian politicians, successful companies, famous artists and arts trust us holding events, receptions and the most important celebrations..
Catering, which provides our company - is not only professional organization of banquets and buffets, but also services for the selection of banquet hall, a large selection of decorations and celebrations of various coverings, preparing the script of the event.

To date, Jam Catering - a full-fledged and modern catering service restaurant, whose facilities include a table appointments, floral, decoration, rent of ships, i.e., organization of events full cycle. We are able to cope with both large-scale events of up to 2000 people, and with small doses.
Catering from our company are:
-First-class management
-Consistent quality regardless of budget
-Individual approach to every project
-Events of the highest level
-Fine cuisine and impeccable service
-Organization of the holiday in any place and at any time.

The founder of the catering is considered a French restaurateur Jean-Francois Vatel, who performed for King Louis XIV unprecedented in its scope exit feasts in nature, accompanied by fireworks at night, with garlands of flowers, an abundance of various drinks and snacks.
Since then, the catering - it's not just visiting a restaurant, but also to organize the entertainment component, a beautiful and original design of tables and fields, ability to take into account not only the diverse tastes of the public pretentious, but all sorts of nuances of each event, an organization is fundamentally different.
Catering has its own characteristics - this mobility, and professionalism and, above all, equipped with all necessary equipment and inventory. Thus, a modern restaurant catering service must necessarily be equipped with termo-boxes to maintain the required quality and temperature of food and match the latest trends in catering industry.
By choosing us festival organizer, you can easily drop the incubus for the preparation of the event and feel like a guest at your own holiday, enjoying the fellowship and celebration of an excellent organization.
Catering service from our company - it's teamwork of the entire team, from the waiters, bartenders and cooks to compere, florists and managers who think through every detail of the event.
Jam Catering - is synonymous with professionalism and guarantee the success of your event!

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